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Professional Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Our carpets in our homes are natural filters for all kinds of dirt, dust, dust mites, grime, mud, pollen, allergens, grease, mold and all kinds of other debris and nasty things.

Each time someone walks across the carpet when it is dirty, the dust, dirt and debris get stirred up into the air, and the result is possible respiratory problems and distress.

It is important to keep carpet cleaning in our homes for several reasons. The number one reason is to keep the carpeting clean and safe for everyone in the house deserves to stay healthy. Secondly, the less dirt that there is in the carpet, the longer the carpet is going to last.

Sand gets into the fibers of the carpeting, and as people walk across it, the sand acts just as sandpaper would, and grinds the fibers of the carpet, causing them to lose, thus the carpet will disintegrate over a period.

There are so many different items in the carpet that become embedded over time and can be difficult to get out if they remain over a long period.

Your carpet should be vacuumed at least once a week, and more if there is heavy traffic over it. Depending on the size of the family, the loose dirt and dust can be vacuumed out for most home carpets at that pace or that schedule. If carpet cleaningthere are more family members, there will be more traffic, so more vacuuming would be in order.

Carpet cleaning by professionals, will go down deeper into the carpeting and lift out much of the embedded dirt and debris. A steam cleaning will loosen the dirt with water and soap solution and then a vacuum will suck the dirty water back into the canister, thus cleaning the carpet.

Another method, actually uses a bubbling action, much like that of club soda, and there is less water used, and consequently, it doesn’t take as long for the carpeting to dry. The bubbling action pulls dirt loose, much like hydrogen peroxide, only it is not hydrogen peroxide, but the patented process of that particular company.

Whatever process is used, the result is a cleaner, fresher carpet with most of the dirt and debris removed. This creates a cleaner atmosphere with no dust or dirt to be carried around the house by people walking on the carpeting. This makes a remarkable difference in the family’s respiratory condition and the ability for them to stay healthy.

There are professional carpet cleaning companies who can come and clean all the carpets in a house in a day, and they can be back in use by the next day or in a couple of days, depending on the process. Sometimes the carpets can be cleaned on a staggered basis, so the people can live in the part that is not being cleaned, and then switches.

If you have not had your carpets cleaned in a while, make plans to have them done, and you and your family will breathe easier in the process.