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Does the carpet in your home need to be cleaned? This is a task that should be done annually, but since it can be hard work, many homeowners keep putting it off. Dust and dirt can get buried deep in your carpet and the result can be bad odours and even carpet damage. If the carpet is not very dirty, it is possible to clean it yourself with a rented carpet cleaner. However, if your carpet is really dirty, it is recommended to call a professional carpet cleaner. These specialists are trained in removing stains and getting rid of deeply embedded dirt and grime.

truck mounted carpet cleaning equipmentProfessional carpet cleaners use machines designed for cleaning large carpeted areas. These machines are very powerful and literally suck the dirt and particles out of your carpet. These type of carpet cleaning specialists also use detergents which are produced for use on commercial and residential carpets. They contain chemicals that help remove all dirt, odours, and other types of debris from your carpet.

Carpet cleaning specialists also know how to identify any areas which might need special treatment such as pre-spotting to ensure stains are removed. Their special machinery also vacuums up water and liquids from the carpet helping it dry more quickly than it might if you clean the carpet with a rented carpet cleaner.

Many professional carpet cleaning companies use steam to clean the carpet. They may also use very hot water to penetrate deep into your carpet. When you are hiring a professional carpet cleaner, there are a few things to consider. Check with several carpet cleaning companies and compare prices to have your carpet professionally cleaned. Make sure you tell each company the same thing and ask about the same services so the estimates you receive can be equally compared.

You should also ask each company about their licensing and certifications. It is also a good idea to ask them about training and if their technicians are experienced in cleaning carpets similar to yours. Ask for a written estimate so you have details to compare. A credible carpet cleaning company should be happy to not only provide you a written estimate but will also be willing to give you references that you can check. Call these references and ask them about their experience with this company and if their carpet was properly cleaned.

Invite the carpet cleaning companies to your home so they can evaluate your carpet before providing an estimate. Ask them about extra fees such as pet stains or deodorizers. Many times, a company will quote you a price, but when they arrive, there are suddenly other services you need that will cost extra. Getting a quote from them after they have seen your carpet helps guarantee an accurate estimate. Also, ask the company about insurance. The company should provide insurance to cover their employees in case of an accident. If not, you as the homeowner could be liable for any injuries or damage.

When your carpet needs a deep cleaning, it is a good idea to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Check with several companies for estimates and then compare quotes for the best deal.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods

Having to keep your carpets clean is among the toughest chores in the house. Although vacuuming does help remove dust, animal fur and other fine particles of dirt, more difficult stains need more than vacuuming. Trying to clean the carpets yourself also doesn’t yield much, as some stains are tougher and require a professional and informed approach to remove. It is for this, and many other reasons, that many people prefer having their carpets cleaned by professionals. Professional carpet cleaners are not only trained to handle tough carpet stains but also have the right equipment and carpet cleaning methods needed to get rid of stains without affecting the carpet fibres.

Some of the benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner include:

1. Saves time and money: Professional carpet cleaners need less than 30 minutes to handle a job that would have taken you 2 hours to complete. The reason for this is that they know what approach to use when handling various types of carpets, and stains, and also have the right equipment for the job. Aside from this, they work as a team to ensure everything is done perfectly and no point is missed. You can therefore save your time, money, and energy by hiring these experts to help keep your carpets clean.

2. Health benefits: Carpet cleaners use various cleaning methods and detergents to remove stains and other forms of dirt on your carpet. Many of these detergents are safe hence do not cause any harm to your skin or cause irritation. Another major advantage of using professional carpet cleaners is that they ensure the carpets are 100% dry even after a thorough cleanup job. This means you never have to be worried about odour and smell from wet carpets, or fungus and mould growth on the same. This leaves your home cleaner and much safer.carpet cleaning

3. Improves a carpet’s radiance: Most people use carpets to help keep their homes clean and warm. These carpets however lose their colour and radiance, especially in high traffic areas. Cleaning the carpets with a regular detergent, however, doesn’t do as good a job as professionals do. As mentioned earlier, these experts help restore the carpets glamor by removing all dirt and stains without affecting the carpet fibres. This leaves the carpet looking cleaner and more beautiful. In addition to this, the cleaning methods used help preserve the carpet fibres thus making it last even much longer.

4. Service guarantee: Hiring a reputable cleaning company to handle the job assures you of quality work. This is especially important for commercial carpet cleaning where you need the job done fast and efficiently without delays. These cleaners are professional enough to do the job as required with minimum interruption on your office schedules. Residential cleaning jobs are equally as efficient, as all you need it tell them when you will be available.

Although there may be many carpet cleaning companies on the market today, it would be advisable to do a proper market research before hiring one. Some of the factors you should consider when hiring a carpet cleaner include certification, experience, reputation, and customer reviews/testimonials.

We Offer Both Residential And Commercial Services

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Homeowners know that after summer, steam cleaning carpets is a must-do. What is steam cleaning? It’s a way for you to reduce the dust in the carpet, to remove stain and odors. If the holidays are coming up or if you are expecting guests, you absolutely need to steam clean, especially if that carpet bears the brunt of heavy traffic at home.

There are really just two ways to do steam cleaning on your carpets. It’s either you do it yourself or you have someone else do it for you. Whether or not you choose the DIY route or you hire a carpet cleaning professional to do the job, the method for steam cleaning is the same. Once you’re done vacuuming the carpet, you to use a steam carpet cleaner to remove deep-seated stains, dirt and dust.


You may not know it, but it’s not the steam that cleans the carpet. Rather, it’s the detergent that is activated by the seam cleaner that makes all the difference.

As we said earlier, you can steam clean your carpet DIY or you can have a professional carpet cleaner do it for you. If you ask us however, we think it’s always a good idea to have your carpet cleaned by someone who does it for a living. Why? At least you can be assured of a professionally-done job. At least that’s the case when you hire a reputable carpet cleaner.

But this really doesn’t have to be an issue because out on the Internet, it’s easy enough to find a reputable carpet cleaner. The only thing you need to do is to go to Yelp.com or Google. Search for “carpet cleaner” plus the name of your local area. Once you do your search, you should be able to see the most highly-rated local carpet cleaners in your area.

What you want to do is to narrow your search down to the carpet cleaners that have star ratings of at least four stars. But aside from the ratings of four stars, you should take a look at the different customer comments. What you want to do is to get a feel for how a carpet cleaner treats its customers.

Four star ratings only tell you that  a company does a good job. It does not tell you how a carpet cleaner actually works.

Anyway, you shouldn’t take too long in choosing a carpet cleaner because it’s really not rocket science. The only thing you need to watch out for is that the company does a good job and that you will not be ripped off of your money.

This may come as a surprise, but there are carpet cleaners out there that promise to have affordable services only to rip off their customers by saying that they need to upgrade to the more expensive service because the cheap service won’t cut it in the cleaning. If the carpet cleaner tells you that, make sure you tell him that you’re not paying.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

While keeping residential properties clean is of high importance, keeping commercial properties clean is just as essential.  Effective maintenance of an office means more than a mere tidying of the desk and dusting of the shelves; instead, it requires a thorough clean of the carpets in the hallway and rooms.  While it is possible to complete this task independently, it is unlikely that a property owner would head down to the building and break out the vacuum cleaner.  No, instead it is far more likely that he/she would utilize cleaning staff and high quality commercial carpet cleaning machines.  This article will provide you with information regarding the benefits of using high quality commercial carpet cleaning machines.

1. Quick And Efficient

Despite the average cleaning machine being efficient and quick, dependent on the surface area to be cleaned, the efficiency can deteriorate over time.  Furthermore, the individual utilizing the machine may not be able to operate it effectively leaving dirt and debris on a supposedly ‘clean’ carpet.  By using a commercial machine you can assure the highest quality and best performance due to advanced cleaning technology.  In addition, the advanced technology within the machine will help speed up the process while still providing a sweet smelling freshness.

2. Removing Greasy Stains

One of the most difficult types of dirt to remove from any carpet is the stain, particularly the greasy stain.  As is mentioned above, the commercial cleaning machinery presents with advanced technology and is created to clear difficult dirt from the carpet including greasy stains.  A regular vacuum may be sufficient to remove surface level dirt and grime; however, stains permeate the carpet fibers and a high suction machine with cleansing product features is more suitable.

3. Removing Dust Mites, Mould, And Bacteria

Another great advantage to using a commercial carpet cleaning machine is that they are able to remove dust mites, mould, and bacteria.  Once again, this is due to the fact that professional cleaning machines have a cleansing, high-suction operation that is able to reach deep into carpet fibers.  By removing bacteria and mould from the carpet fibers, this machine is able to remove any toxins that could cause physical health problems to office staff.

4. Increasing Carpet Protection

Finally, potentially the greatest benefit of a commercial carpet cleaning machine is its ability to protect the carpet from future dirt.  Unlike the average carpet cleaner, this machine places protective layers onto the carpet during the cleaning process.  This will increase the freshness of the material and reduce the carpet’s susceptibility to future stains and spills; thus, maximizing your carpet’s potential and increasing durability.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, there are various benefits to using a commercial carpet cleaning machine over the average vacuum cleaner.  Yes, it may be more costly; however, the cost is often worthwhile due to the overall advantage.  The information above will help you make an informed decision on whether or not this type of equipment is suited to your specific needs.